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 Helpful Session Hints

In order to have a successful photo shoot, there are a few things you might want to take into consideration.  Please read through the list to familiarize yourself with these ideas.

  • please book your session at a time that is best for your baby/child.  We are more than happy to work around nap times, feeding times etc.  Make sure your child is well rested and fed if older.

  • group shots should have co-ordinated clothing.  Avoid stripes and checks.  Simple colours and outfits usually work well.

  • don't forget to bring changes of clothing for the little ones

  • a hairbrush is important, and if you care to, a little bit of makeup for slightly older children, some soft blush on cheeks and light colour on the lips will enhance the features of your child, depending on the style of portrait

  • favourite toys, stuffed animals and books are a good idea for the young ones

  • bright colours work well when shooting against white

  • we offer some costumes to wear in the various sets that we offer. Please note that all clothing we provide is properly cleaned after each session for safety concerns.  Please make sure to discuss costume choices before arriving for your session.

Current Costume List:

  • Robin Hood outfit with props

  • prince vest and hat with props

  • beige/khaki pants (appropriate for beach scene)

  • sea fairy outfit (for beach scene)

  • several sizes of blue jean overalls

  • several sizes of red overalls

  • red ball cap

  • angel outfit with head pieces

  • santa dress

  • various fairy outfits

  • deep blue dance dress

  • white "bridesmaid" dress appropriate for old-time, fancy portraits



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